Ranelagh Gaels 2-12 v Ballinteer St Johns 1-7

Venue: Bushy Park

Ranelagh continued their push up the table with a hard fought victory over their arch rivals Ballinteer. With the wind behind them they commanded a strong lead with good points from Moiners and accurate free taking from Alan Kelly and Gordo.

At half time it was 9points to 3points.

It was a long ball tactic for Ballinteer in the 2nd half as they tried to take advantage of the strong wind and playing down the field. But the full back line stood their ground and were very impressive as they never allowed Ballinteer to score any vital goals.

In the meantime on the counter attack Ranelagh worked the ball impressively up the field where Brian Regan scored a crucial goal to give Ranelagh a comfortable lead. They held on to the end as fitness was the key factor between both teams.

Perhaps the most remarkable event of all in the game was the bizarre sending off of Ronan Rasdale, the 5 spectators got to see a new GAA record set. The quickest sending off in the history of the GAA – and there wasn’t a ball kicked (well kind of) It went like this – Ranelagh score another point – Rasdale comes on and hands his slip of paper to the ref – (now this is the confusing thing) – he gracefully jogs over to help the goalkeeper keep control of the ball on the tee as the wind keeps blowing it away.

However, he accidentally stumbles and his left foot brushes off the ball and with the force of the wind it rolls about 15 yards. However the ref to everyone’s astonishment must of felt he kicked the ball away – (how on earth would the ref think he would be so stupid do to something so foolish) Rasdale of course pleaded his innocence saying he only wanted to help the goalie control the ball on the tee.

Unfortunately Rasdale saw red. However afterwards we believe the ref came to his senses and rescinded the red card. We believe Nicky Brennan will be making contact for his special award!!!

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