Gaels Attitude all wrong in Challenge Match

St Brendan’s 0-14 – Ranelagh Gaels 1-7

Ranelagh Gaels will need to drastically improve in a lot of areas if they are to challenge Erin’s Isle in the AFL Division 9 top of the table clash next week.

The Gaels were completely outplayed / outmaneuvered and outclassed by a committed and lively St Brendan’s team. This challenge game was the chance to see some of fringe players to claim a place in the starting 15, but after last night one could say that almost all positions are up for grabs.

The brilliant diamond combination that Brendan’s utilized (only because the Gaels were completely ineffective in this department) allowed them to constantly attack up through the centre. Ranelagh’s kickouts played into their opponent’s hands, as they won all the breaks and some impressive clean catches. Time and time again the backs were chasing shadows as their opponents outplayed them for every ball.

The use of the ball by Ranelagh was terrible as they constantly put it onto the plate for the Brendan’s lads to feed off. Several inaccurate passes were gobbled up by Brendan’s and allowed them to outscore Ranelagh in the first half by only 3 points – should have been a lot more!! On the night, it was hard to believe that Ranelagh are unbeaten in this league and the Brendan’s have only won one match all year.

One would imagine marking will be the main theme in training over the next few nights, because last night some Gaels didn’t understand the meaning of it especially in the half back line, which saw the Brendan’s centre forward score an impressive 6 points from play. And the usual hassling we associate with the Gaels forwards completely vanished.

On a positive note, no there wasn’t any last night I’m afraid, only lets just hope it was one of those nights and some players will use it to spur them on to improve for the vital fixture next week!

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