The All-Ireland 2009

The All-Ireland Finals are always a special time of the year, no matter where you in the world you try you’re best to get to see the game. Here are some stories from Gaels away from Home, on the day Kerry and Kilkenny ruled supreme.

Cathal Murphy

Myself Pritchard and a few others watched the match in “The Celtic Club” on the corner of Queen St. and LaTrobe St. in Melbourne, Victoria.

Full of Cork people,they were very smart and noisy at the start but as the game went on they got quieter until at the end they were silent. Good craic was had by all but no real exciting stories from the night. We only took one photo, gordo has it.


Timmy O’Keefe

Hurling All-Ireland.

Tried getting into Paddy Macguires of Sydney to watch the game, always great atmosphere for the games there but we left it too late so we strolled up the road to the famous Scruffy Murphys. The Tipp fans were quietly nervous and Kilkenny fans were gloriously shouting from the top of their lungs, “Who is the 2nd best team in Ireland, Kilkenny 2nd Team.

The game started at 12:30 am on Sunday night/Monday morning. The usual suspects were out in Scruffys, neighbours, friends of friends and as time got closer to the game, the Tipp fans were getting louder shouting Tipp Tipp Tipp!!!!!

The craic was subdued compared to Paddy’s and even more subdued to the mayhem that happens when a 5 min clip of Reeling in the Years of Italia 90 in PJ O’Briens on a Sat night.

Tension was high, there was belief that Tipp might throw the mighty Cats off their high horse but once the Cats got their dubous penalty, the so called King Henry slotted one for the four in a row. The shock and horror on the crowds’ faces, Not another Cats win!!!!!

You wanted to see Tipp do it even though a rebel man like myself despises the sight of both a Kilkenny and Tipperary Gimp but you couldn’t see the young lads of Tipp beat the so called legends. The best thing about that game was the crowd pouring on to the pitch after the final whistle, so the famous Plan B had to be put in place. I was dreading another Kilkenny Kerry Victory.

Football All-Ireland

Managed to squeeze into Paddy Macguires of Sydney. It was wedged. I was hoping to see scenes that were witnessed a few months previous to that when Ireland claimed the Grand Slam in the 6 six nations, but I wanted to be part of the celebrations in the red Jersey.

The game kicked off at 12:30am Sunday night/Monday morning. If Cork were victorious a sick day would have been called for!!!!

The boys that I met up with were mostly the lads I had met up with earlier that day at the Sydney Club championship finals of both women’s and men’s hurling and football.

The Craic was mighty, it felt like being on the Blackrock terrace of Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

The chanting were all firing out, Rebels here rebels there, rebels every f##king where and off course The Banks of my own Lovely Lee were sung out proudly.

Just before the throw in, everyone stood up gracefully for the National Anthem.

Once the game kicked off, Cork got straight into it. It was looking like things were going to pan out the similar fashion as the semi final without the sending off of Alan O’Connor. It was a tense fist half, tit for tat. There were no flares between Galvin and O’leary.

The second half kicked off, most of the crowd had dispersed a bit in Paddy’s but I reckon the Kerry fans were outside finishing off their Milky tea and Hang Sandwiches.

Cork had most of the possession in the second half, but wasted it all, Oh where is Colin Corkery when you need him!!!!!!

Final whistle blew, disaster!!!!! The rebels threw it away and in a couple of hours I had to wake up to those that keep nagging me at work, Disaster!!!!!!!!

The best thing the next day was a phone call from Cusacks GAA club in Sydney. I had won a prize of $50. I would have taken the win over the Kingdom ahead of $50. I reckon we will be back again next year though.

John Lawrence

Didnt get to see the match I was in Malysia we did (myself and girlfriend Michelle McGee) a night Nature walk/trek in Tamara Negara national park and although the all Ireland was’nt really in my head the Gaels socks provided my protection from the leaches!!!!

I was dissapointed by the minor all ireland final (with Mayo loosing) but good outlook for the future of mayo football with two U21 finals in last two years !! We’re in Cambodia now and doing some volunteering work in an Orphanage for the next few weeks starting on monday.

Apart from that all good here, keeping up with the Gaels through the website and looking forward to returning to the training and football when I return !

Ronan Murphy

I spent the week in Boston and on the big day found myself racing around a few different pubs to watch the game. I woke early to the sound of text messages from Gaels informing me we had beat Tomas Davis and we had won Division 9 so I was very excited to hit the pints early. While on our pursuit to finding the perfect pub I was disappointed to find that most people seemed more interested in watching Man United against Man City rather than the All-Ireland. This was until I finally got to Green Brian.

The pub had three areas, the main bar in the middle and then 2 separate rooms seated out for Kerry Supporters on one side and Cork in the other. I was with a friend from Cork so as you can imagine the mood in the camp wasn’t great at the end. Bizarrely I met a fella who lived 4 miles down the road from me at home (Newtown, Fermanagh).

As we left the pub half jarred early in the morning a massive parade to promote the Boston Major Elections was on. I tried to stop a few different candidates and I managed to talk to Steve Murphy and on asking him how he felt about “The Kingdom doing one over on the rebels?” He replied, “Sounds good buddy”.

The rest of the day was spent around a few different pubs drinking with lads from Cork who took the days loss in good sprits.

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  1. Smurf that was the same place where I watched Kerry hammer Mayo in the 2004 final, some spot!!!! Most Irish pubs in Boston hadn’t a clue about the All Ireland and they call themselves irish bars, me hole!!!!!!!Pat, ur going to have to bring out those guns and teach those yanks a thing or 2

    Timmy | Dec 1, 2009 @ 06:46 | Reply

  2. I watched the 2009 Hurling Final in the Irish Club in Perth, Western Australia, there was a massive crowd inside, good mix of Tipp, Cats and neutrals, including one German that needed to see a game of hurling after me (a Mayoman!!!) ranting on about it for quite a while before the game (I may have been largely fueled by goon!!!). Crazy to come out on to the street after the game and everybody had decided to communicate solely in Irish, to the confusion of the German. I was back in Croker for the football. Is that a shot of Auburn Park in Sydney Timmy?

    Darren | Dec 1, 2009 @ 19:39 | Reply

  3. certainly is Bhoyo!!!!!!

    Timmy | Dec 2, 2009 @ 23:47 | Reply

  4. Worth going there for the Tayto Salt & Vinegar alone.

    Darren | Dec 4, 2009 @ 01:05 | Reply

  5. Have to be said Ryan Keenan and Barry Owens would be very proud of Gordo. Always good to see a lad on the other side of the world with a Fermanagh top on.

    Ronan | Dec 4, 2009 @ 02:25 | Reply

  6. Sure they might as well be the otherside of the World with a Fermanagh jersey, hardly needed in Croke Park.

    Darren | Dec 5, 2009 @ 20:09 | Reply

  7. If I know my history Mayo are very good in Croke Park too.

    Ronan | Dec 7, 2009 @ 22:40 | Reply

  8. ha ha ha, touchy

    Darren | Dec 11, 2009 @ 15:27 | Reply

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