Player Profile: Gordon Pritchard

The latest victim in our series of Ranelagh Gaels player profiles is our own Aussie import Gordon Pritchard, who joined the club for one glorious season before heading back home to try his hand as a bit-part actor in Neighbours.

Name: Gordon Pritchard
Age: 28

Home town/club: Melbourne, Australia. Ranelagh Gaels
Occupation: Physiotherapist

Facebook status: Movember Sponsors!

Position (keep it clean!): Half forward

Joined the Gaels: 2008

Best words of wisdom from Liam O’Hagan: “Geez, the Mot could be playing better than you lads!”. Someone, please start writing down what he says, I’ve forgotten them all

Favourite Gaels memory: Training at UCD in December: wearing thermal pants, football socks, shorts, tracksuit pants, t-shirt, thermal long sleeve, second t-shirt, polar fleece jacket, beanie and gloves…….still cold! Playing Memory: beating O’Dwyers in championship round at Balbriggan, 2008. Off-field memory: Listening to O’Hagan’s rants about anything during lifts home from training….legend

First three songs on your iPod/MP3 on suffle: Mama’s Got a Girlfriend – Ben Harper. Sabotage – Beastie Boys. Invincible – Muse

Last half decent film you saw: Intermission…no joking. The new Harry Potter

Black porter or red wine: Red Wine……what’s Black Porter?

Kylie or Dannii: Kylie

Soccer or rugby: Soccer

All-time favourite Aussie soap opera character: Alf Stewart or Sally

You’ve just won the €7,100 top prize in the Ranelagh Gaels Club Lotto – you would spend the money on: Head to Smyths for a few early ones. Grab a couple of travellers of Dutch Gold from Centra and jump on the Luas. A sneaky couple in at Temple Bar before jumping off to Whelan’s to catch some good tunes….then off to Copper Face Jacks. Kebab from that weird joint on Charlotte Way or Harcourt or somewhere there, where the toilets look like you’re in a bank (hazy by this stage). Then back to Ranelagh for a hopeful lock in at Russells. Then start it all up again then next day on the way to Croker. You boys can come too.

Aussie Rules or Gaelic Football – tell us which is better: I still have to say Aussie Rules. Probably what I’m used to. But I love the fact that you play for your club…or your county and money doesn’t come into it. It’s about pride of where you’re from. You can’t beat that. It has that great amateur charm  that you don’t get with Aussie Rules anymore. Reminds me of the old days as a kid going to the local Aussie Rules here, before money got involved.

Playing Junior C Football for Ranelagh Gaels is great because: It was great because it was like a community. Most of the lads were around Ranelagh, so you could head into Smyths on a Friday and catch some of the boys. Then you’d be kitting up the next day and playing a game. You definitely felt like you were part of the local community. Stopped me hanging out with other bloody Aussies or Kiwis at The Woolshed, watching replays of Aussie Rules and made sure I actually learnt something of the Irish way while I was there. Being able to meet the lads, and get to know them and then travel with them back to their home counties was absolutely awesome. Weekends to the “Black North”, red weekends in Cork and Kerry. Being part of the Gaels opened up so much of Ireland too me. So I am thankful for Timmy, Colm and O’Hagan for welcoming me and giving me a game. And then the friendships I made with all the other boys. Geez, I just had Murf and his mother Maureen over for dinner the other night here in Melbourne…good craic. It certainly wasn’t the square warm-ups Timmy had us doing at UCD in 3 degree temperatures, or playing football in snow, or playing out at places where they all just want to fight you. But it was the best thing I did when I was in Dublin, signing up with the Gaels.

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  1. I like you too Gordo. Should I wear the hotpants?

    Kylie | Nov 19, 2010 @ 16:30 | Reply

  2. I hate you.

    Danii | Nov 19, 2010 @ 16:46 | Reply

  3. Is that image photoshopped? Cos it looks like Gordo’s after kicking the ball with his right foot but surely that never happened?

    Johnny | Nov 19, 2010 @ 16:53 | Reply

  4. Not photoshopped! Although I do concur that’s an absolute shocker.

    Ronan M | Nov 19, 2010 @ 17:03 | Reply

  5. This photo is definitely photoshopped! Gordo actually has no right foot, it fell during childhood, the one and only time he ever tried to kick on his right. His friends in Oz call him “Peg leg”!

    Steve | Nov 20, 2010 @ 03:24 | Reply

  6. Steve, I think you meant to say his foot “fell off”, not “it fell during childhood”. Anyway, as Gordo’s dad I can confirm that he indeed has no right foot.

    Gordo's Dad | Nov 20, 2010 @ 03:28 | Reply

  7. Three things:
    1. Is that actually my dad commenting?
    2. Definitely have a right foot to go with the killer left foot.
    3. Used the right foot twice that year. For this photo…..and if we had footage directly following this photo it would show the right foot opening up the play and leading to a Moyners goal! The second time I used it, I kicked it straight to the oppostition, which lead to them running the length of the field, scoring and over and grabbing the momentum, and going on to win the game…..that was the championship game we lost! oops.

    Gordo | Nov 21, 2010 @ 02:03 | Reply

  8. Hi Gordon
    Maureen Murphy here in Killarney…Ireland. !!!
    Thank you, and your family for a wonderful night …great company, and great food…..We really enjoyed….Thanks for recipes….Will attempt same !!
    Will return to Australia in 2012….May see you then

    Thanks again and best wishes


    Maureen Murphy | Nov 21, 2010 @ 19:44 | Reply

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