Below some of our frequently asked questions

Where in Ranelagh can I find out information about the Ranelagh Gaels?

Ranelagh Gaels are essentially based in Symths of Ranelagh. This is on the Left hand side as you head towards the city Centre The Club doesn’t have its own Clubhouse in the village, hence the reason for using Symths Pub. There is a club notice board in Symths that has all the latest information about the club.

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Where do the Ranelagh Gaels train?

Ranelagh Gaels, men’s and ladies teams, usually train on Monday nights, with the men training again on Thursdays. Training moves around, depending on the time of the year. But if you keep an eye on our training page by clicking here you can keep up to date with all the training news.

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Can I just train with you?

Yes. The Gaels are delighted to help out our comrades in the Gaelic Athletic Association. However we do charge a training fee of €80 to cover insurance costs which covers the full year.

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Do you have a Hurling team?

No. The Gaels don’t have a hurling team. It is one of the Objectives the club would like to achieve. However if you are a descendent of the great Cuchulainn feel free to come out and train with the Gaels.

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Where is the usual drinking hole for club members?

Smyths Pub, Ranelagh is the main pub the Gaels socialise in. You will always find someone here from the team at the weekend, hopefully not on a Saturday night before a match. Smyths has supported the club from day one – and has provided the Gaels with Football gear and sponsorship down the years.

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Where can I buy club lotto tickets and when/where does the lotto draw take place?

The lotto takes place on the last Sunday of every month and rotates from 3 pubs Smyths / Humphries and Birchills. Tickets can be purchased in any of these pubs, €2 a ticket. For more info on the next draw please click here.

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How can I support the club or become a member?

Ranelagh Gaels welcome all new support and members. You can ask for details in Symths or call any of the executive (details on the contacts page). Fees for 2009 for players are €50 and for associate members are €25. The club also runs a monthly lotto, tickets are on sale in Smyths, Humphries and Birchills pubs in the Ranelagh and the draw takes place the last Sunday of each month. Check out the website for details of the location of the Lotto and other upcoming event.

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Who is the football manager?

The Ranelagh Gaels football manager is Liam O’ Hagan. He has been a part of Ranelagh life down through the years. As a player he wore Synge Street jersey. Now as an bainisteoir Liam’s passion for the game is focused on the Gaels and is a major driving force behind the club.

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Where do you play your home games?

Ranelagh Gaels play there home matches in Bushy Park Terenure. The pitch is directly opposite the Terenure collage. There is a map of where to find the Bushy Park on the contacts page.

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Who takes training?

Training is taken by a combination of team manager Liam O’Hagan, Ronan Rasdale and Shane Minihane. They put a lot of their time into preparing new drills to maximize each training session.

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What competitions do you participate in?

The Gaels men’s team compete in three competitions: League, Cup & Championship.

In Dublin there are 12 leagues or divisions. Adult Football League (AFL) is broken down into three categories. AFL1 and AFL2 are senior level. AFL3 and 4 are intermediate while 5 to 12 is junior. Following a number of recent promotions the men’s team now play in Division 8. . The league runs throughout the year.

The championship and cup competition pits teams from across three divisions. We compete in the junior C championship and the Murphy Cup. The first round of the championship commences in May and is run on a knockout basis with one open draw, while the football year usually commences in February with the cup competition.

The Gaels ladies team play in the Junior D Championship, having won Junior E in their first attempt in 2010, Division 6 of the League and the Division 6 Cup.

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Do I need to register with the club to play?

Insurance and CCC regulations dictate you must be a fully registered and paid up member to play for Ranelagh Gaels. However, you can train with the club so long as you are a registered member of another club, which covers your insurance.

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How can I get involved in the club?

If you wish to get involved in whatever capacity, do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the committee under the contact tab. The committee holds monthly meetings and would be interested to hear from anybody interested in developing and growing the club. Please e-mail info@ranelaghgaels.ie for further details.

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